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Israel Scholar Works Manuscript Registration Help

How to complete and submit the Registration/Submission form

To complete the submission, you must fill in all applicable fields, and then press the 'Submit' button at the bottom of this submission form.  There is no way to postpone the submission when you have already done several steps in the submission process, but cannot complete the submission right now (because you want to check some statements, for example). 

If for any reason you leave the submission system before you press the 'Submit' button, your form will not be transferred to Israel Scholar. In this case you will need to return to the ISW Manuscript Registration/submission form and complete it again. 

Please note that in case you email your manuscript to us but failed to submit the Registration/submission form, the manuscript file will be deleted from our server without opening it and assigning archiving consideration. In other words, we will open/see your manuscript only after we receive and review your completed Registration/submission form. This is a security measure to prevent us from receiving materials not related to Israel Scholar Works correspondence. 

Before you execute the form submission, preview all entries and double check all fields. Be sure that everything is in order. Once you press the 'Submit' button, you will no longer be able to make revisions to the submitted form unless you will decide to process the form again and to indicate that 'this is an update of the form submitted earlier'. 

When the form is submitted, you will see the confirmation of the form submission. You will also receive an email with the confirmation of the form submission. You may wish to copy this info for your records. 

In case the information that you submitted earlier is no longer accurate, please return to this form, edit the desired fields information and submit the form again. 

Help is provided for every section of the form. Please do not hesitate to review the help as it will be opened in a separate window and thus will not interrupt the form preparation.

Journal/Article Front Matter

Gather complete citation information. In this section you will be prompted to enter citation information as part of the submission process. Please provide as much information as possible using the fields provided in the online submission form. For journal articles, include the journal title, abbreviated title, ISSN number, publisher name and location, volume and issue numbers, date, paging, DOI, PubMed ID, and hyperlink (URL) to the article on the Publisher/other web site(s). For book chapters, include authors' names, the book title, place of publication, publisher name, date, pagination, and URL. For thesis, include the author name, the University and place of publication, date, and pagination. Include an URL for items published on a Web site (such as a personal page or an electronic journal). 

Article Information

Suggest Collection

Decide into which collection (life sciences; chemistry; physics; etc) you will submit your works by making selection on the popup list. In case your manuscript collection is not present on the list please specify it in the field right below the popup list. 

Manuscript title

It is easy to enter the manuscript title: Simply, copy it from the manuscript file of your article, and paste it to the title window. 

The ideal abbreviated title should be short descriptive clause, not full sentence. 

In case you have special characters in the title you will need to use one or another special HTML markup in the title field. For example, you could use H<SUB>2</SUB>O to make the symbol for water,  H2O2. The best, however, is to avoid using special characters in the title. 

Provide detailed list of key words

Carefully think about keywords. Key words will help global audience locate your work. Keywords and key word phrases can be pulled from the work itself, or they can be concepts that describe what the work is about. Keywords are especially important for works that are non-textual, such as images. 

Summary or abstract

Simply copy and paste the text from your manuscript file to the abstract field. Alternatively, you can type the text directly into the form (but why would you do that?). 

Should you decide to prepare additional lay language abstract we expect that it will explain to lay readers why the research was done and why the results are important. Lay summary should be 100-300 words, present the paper's major point, and outline the results and conclusions in non-technical lay language.

Authors and Affiliations

Submitter registration

As an author or submitter you have to register. Please note that all fields are required. The email address is particularly important: as your submission is processed, you will be sent notifications and all other correspondence to this address. Please make sure this is your primary professional email address. 

If our email to you bounces, your registration and your submission will be deleted. 

We advise you to use English letters only to fill in the 'submitter registration' and all other parts of the manuscript registration form. 

Other Authors Registration

Enter all authors that contributed to this article. If the submitter is one of the authors, list the submitter's name, too, since it won't be listed automatically. Enter the primary affiliation, contact details and email address for each author. If the article has more than eight authors, list other authors in the assigned window below. 

Please note that email address is particularly important: as the submission is processed, we will sent notification about manuscript consideration to all authors. 

Please indicate the corresponding author by re-typing his/her name in the 'corresponding author' field. 

Enter the first names and middle initials (if any) to the first column of the table. The first (or given) name is the name given to the person at birth. Enter the last names (also known as surnames, or family names) to the second column. List brief names of the primary institutions for each author in the third column of the table and provide e.mail addresses in the forth column. 

There are eight slots provided for the author names, institutions and e.mail addresses. If you have more than eight authors on your submission, please list them in the assigned window in a way described above. 

We advise you to spell names and institutions with English letters only. 

Disclaimers and submission terms acceptance

This section asks submitters to review and acknowledge the terms and conditions of their submission. Authors and/or their institutions should ensure that their Israel Scholar Works submissions are consistent with any other agreements, including copyright assignments that they may have, or enter into, with publishers or other third parties. For a list of publisher policies as they relate to postprints, visit the SHERPA web site. To search self-archiving policy by journal please click here. You may wish to review Copyright Essential Info by Israel Scholar.

Please check the appropriate boxes in all fields of the 'Disclaimers and submission terms acceptance' box. 

Particularly, you have to accept terms regarding submission of a manuscript to Israel Scholar Works Archive. 

Confirm that by submitting a manuscript, the submitter and the corresponding author accept the responsibility that all authors have agreed with the article submission to Israel Scholar Works Archive.

Any changes in authorship (compared to original oublication) must be approved in writing by all the original authors.

Granting to Israel Scholar the right to disseminate your article postscript

As a part of your submission, you will also have to grant to Israel Scholar, the right to disseminate your article postscript or your thesis, provided that the integrity of the article is guaranteed, that the original publisher is duly identified, and that proper attribution of authorship and correct complete citation details are endorsed on the postscript publication. 

Understand and Accept Israel Scholar Major Archiving Terms

At present many for-profit and learned societies' scientific publishers allow self archiving and Institutional archiving of scholar works. For example, see specific language of the self-archiving policy by Elsevier and Science magazine by AAAS. The latter source further says, that in order "to qualify as a personal web site the site must be devoted to the author's research and owned by the author (or if the author's employer is a non-profit institution, owned by that institution)." 

To meet such requirement by publishers you will have to agree (upon submission of your work published previously) with "personal website" definition of your Israel Scholar Works postscript archive web folder, the publication unit in Israel Scholar Works. 

Verify Your Copyright

If the work has been published previously, check your copyright transfer form to be sure you have the right to post it. Check current policies of your publisher, because new regulations may override the terms you accepted in the past and presently allow archiving. Further info is available at Israel Scholar Essential Copyright Info page

Please note that your manuscript will not be considered for publication in the Israel Scholar Works unless you first confirm all items in the Disclaimers section.

Cover Letter

Paste or enter general information regarding the submission of your manuscript that are typically included in the cover letter (such as a statement of the main point and relation of the paper to prior work). 

If you don't have any comments, leave the 'Cover Letter' box empty.

Need Further Assistance?

Send us an email: postmaster[at] . Also consult the context-sensitive help within "Israel Scholar Works Submit Now page" for individual submission instructions. 

Please note: If our 'acknowledgment' email to you bounces, your registration and your  manuscript files will be deleted.

You may wish to press repeatedly the BACK button of your browser to return to your original page. Otherwise please navigate with the buttons to the screen right.

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