Israel Scholar Archive : Preparing for Contribution
Getting Ready To Archive Your Works 

Israel Scholar Works is a non-religious apolitical digital archive for creative work by the faculty and staff of Israel Academic Institutions and Jewish scholars all around the world. It is non-religious and apolitical. This page explains how to get ready for submission and what information every contributor should have in place before submitting his/her publication to the Israel Scholar Works archive.

1. Register To Use Israel Scholar Works

You must log onto “Israel Scholar Works Submit Now page” before you can submit an item. Registration is available at this link. Registered authors will be provided with the link to access Israel Scholar Works online submission form.

2. Understand  That No Further Formatting of Your Manuscript Will Be Necessary

Israel Scholar Works provides a secure Web site that allows you to log in and deposit your work(s). You will be able to deposit articles created in a wide range of electronic word-processing formats, along with any other files containing figures, tables, or supporting information. No further formatting of your manuscript will be necessary. To submit an article you will do minimal typing, as well as a series of the article text copy-and-paste operations using simple Israel Scholar Submit Now Web form page. An on-screen confirmation will be generated for you to verify you that the submitted form has been received. An additional receipt will be emailed to you to verify that all supporting materials (such as image files, as well as original manuscript text file) has been received.

As you might well aware, the formatting of journal articles may vary significantly among different journals. Israel Scholar Works addresses this deficiency in that all articles in Scholar Works archive, regardless of their original format, are converted into a single, explicit, and well-specified data format. We intend to use the Article Archiving Extensible Markup Language (XML) Document Type Definition (DTD) developed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) USA. 

Special arrangements will be used for lengthy thesis submission. 

After conversion to a standardized digital XML format by Israel Scholar Works, you will be able to preview the article as it will appear online and correct errors, if necessary. The article will appear in Israel Scholar Works after the time-delay you specified, as measured from the time of printed publication.

3. Collect Necessary Files

Determine whether your material consist of one or several items. The publication unit in Israel Scholar Works is a Publication Folder. A Folder can include an article in a single file, or the article file accompanied by the supporting dataset (ex. image files for Figures and Tables; movies; text supplement). 

Before submitting to Israel Scholar Works please make sure you have all  files in your possession. These may include article text files (prepared with your favorite word processor software, preferably with MS Word .doc files) and image files for Figures and Tables. 

4. Verify Your Copyright

Verify your copyright: If the work has been published previously, check your copyright transfer form to be sure you have the right to post it. Check current policies of your publisher, because new regulations may override the terms you accepted in the past and presently allow archiving. If it is a work of multiple authorship, ascertain that other authors also approve contribution into Israel Scholar Works. For more information a separate page on Copyright issues is available.

5. Understand Israel Scholar Major Archiving Terms

At present many for-profit and learned societies' scientific publishers allow self archiving and Institutional archiving of scholar works. See specific language of the self-archiving policy by Elsevier and Science magazine by AAAS. The latter source further says, that in order "to qualify as a personal web site the site must be devoted to the author's research and owned by the author (or if the author's employer is a non-profit institution, owned by that institution)." 

To meet such requirement by publishers you will have to agree (upon submission of your work published previously) with "personal website" definition of your Israel Scholar Works postscript archive web folder, the publication unit in Israel Scholar Works (see Item 3 above). 

As a part of your submission, you will also have to grant to Israel Scholar, the right to disseminate your article postscript or your thesis, provided that the integrity of the article is guaranteed, that the original publisher is duly identified, and that proper attribution of authorship and correct complete citation details are endorsed on the postscript publication.

For more information please see Israel Scholar Works Copyright Information.

6. Gather Citation Information

Gather complete citation information: You will be prompted to enter citation information as part of the submission process. Please provide as much information as possible using the fields provided in the online submission form. For journal articles, include the journal title, abbreviated, ISSN number, publisher name and location, volume and issue numbers, date, paging, DOI, PubMed ID, and hyperlink (URL) to the article on the Publisher/other web site(s). For book chapters, include authors' names, the book title, place of publication, publisher name, date, pagination, and URL. For thesis, include the author name, the University and place of publication, date, and pagination. Include an URL for items published on a Web site (such as a personal page or an electronic journal). 

7. Carefully Think About Keywords

Subjects and keywords will help global audience locate your work. Keywords and key word phrases can be pulled from the work itself, or they can be concepts that describe what the work is about. Subjects and keywords are especially important for works that are non-textual, such as images.

8. Suggest Collection

Decide into which collection (life sciences; chemistry; physics; etc) you will submit your work.

Need assistance?

Send an email: . Also consult the context-sensitive help within "Israel Scholar Works Submit Now page" for detailed submission instructions.

Further information will be available as soon as it becomes available. Be the first to know about Israel Scholar Works developments by subscribing to Israel Scholar News Alerts

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