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February 23, 2006

Open Access as a Campaign Issue in a Student Government Election

Gavin Baker is running for the Student Senate at the University of Florida. Baker co-founded the Florida chapter of Free Culture and is making open access a campaign issue. His platform is offline at the moment (but the problem is probably temporary, so keep trying). He told [Peter Suber] in an email:

"I'll advocate for open access to university research and journals, work to expand library digitization projects, promote open source software and open file formats... As far as I know, I am the first student to make open access an electoral issue."

He's the first as far as I know too. His candidacy and position could make a difference: At UF, the Student Senate controls an $11 million budget, the third largest in the US. Go, Gavin!

Note to students elsewhere: learn about open access and what you and your university can do to promote it. Take your commitment into your research and future career. But in the meantime, take it into your student government!

Also read Neurobiology of Lipids (an Open Access publication from Rehovot) article "Scientists, consider where you publish" (available for free at this link). It is written by Michael Seringhaus, Yale Molecular Biology Graduate Student.


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