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February 19, 2006

DARE aims to triple OA repository deposits

The Dutch DARE project has set itself the goal of depositing 100,000 full-text eprints in the DARE network of OA repositories in the year-long period from October 1, 2005, to October 1, 2006. This would triple the number of items on deposit in the national repository network. From yesterday's announcement:

Dubbed 'hunDAREd thousand’, a new major project was launched on 1 October 2005 in which all Dutch universities, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) intend adding 100,000 full-text documents to the DARE (‘digital research’) archives. The project runs until 1 October 2006. By that time the DARE partners hope to have a total of 150,000 academic publications, dissertations, pre-prints, datasets and other research material available for all on This will make the documents searchable on other search engines as well. The institutions involved are participating in the project in their own ways. Various universities are focusing on certain faculties or, at the request of their Boards, are providing more researchers for Cream of Science. Others hope to stimulate the actual supply of material, encouraged by their chancellors. Researchers’ own websites are being combed and journals published by research institutes and schools are being included. With this added effort the universities want to improve the structure of and streamline the process of supplying research results. To do so, a link is being established with Metis, the research information system used by all universities.

In the combined harvest of 100,000 new articles, doctoral theses are a common focus. Every year about 2500 of them, about five percent of the country’s entire academic output, are published. DAREnet is making these theses visible under their own heading, ‘Promise of Science’... The creation of a virtual showcase for universities using doctoral theses not only helps shape their profiles as well as those of the graduates in question, it also often enhances access to previously elusive research results. Promise of Science is therefore an extension to Cream of Science, the partial collection already in place. Alongside ‘established’ researchers, extra attention is now being given to ‘up and coming’ research talent.

Source: Peter Suber. DARE aims to triple OA repository deposits. Open Access News Blog (17 February 2006) [FullText]


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