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December 20, 2005

Open Access is not About Bypassing Peer Review

"Kim Thomas wrote a short piece on Friday for Information World Review on the September CIBER report. I didn't blog it because it was very short and didn't say anything new. But I'm still bothered by the title that IWR gave the piece: Academic authors favour peer review over open access, and decided I had to say something. IWR knows perfectly well that the OA movement is about removing access barriers to peer-reviewed research, not about bypassing peer review. It also knows perfectly well that the CIBER report did not make this mistake. Because IWR has many accurate articles about OA to its credit, it should recognize that the title of the Thomas article is harmful and misleading. I hope it will publish a correction."

Source: OA News Blog by Peter Suber (11 Dec 2005) [FullText]


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