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March 16, 2005

Penn State launches digital publishing office

"Penn State University is launching an Office of Digital Scholarly publishing, a collaboration of the university press and the university libraries. From yesterday's press release: 'The principal mission of the Office of Digital Publishing will be to use new media technologies to advance scholarly communication -- at Penn State and beyond. Through projects sponsored by the office, the libraries and the Press will be able to clarify the costs associated with electronic publishing and assess the long-term benefits to the scholarly communication system.... While similar initiatives are under way at other universities, few involve such extensive library-press synergy.... The libraries bring to the office considerable expertise in programming, digitization, Web site development, and access mechanisms such as indexing and metadata. The Press brings its own extensive expertise in editorial matters ranging from peer review to copyediting and developmental editing....One of the first tasks of the Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing will be to build the necessary technical infrastructure for moving journals and monographs to a digital environment. This task already is well under way with the announcement in August that the libraries and the Press have joined forces with Cornell University to develop an open-source publication management system. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is funding the development of this system based on Cornell's innovative publishing software, DPubS (Digital Publishing System). DPubS will be re-engineered as a general-purpose publishing platform for scholarly literature in diverse fields. It will support peer review, have extensive administrative functionality, and will provide interoperability with open-source repository systems such as FEDORA and DSpace."

Source: Peter Suber. Penn State launches digital publishing office. Open Access News Blog (16 March 2005) [FullText]


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