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March 24, 2005

Open Access V-day: APS Capitulation Costs 1500$ Per Published Article, No Other Condition Set

American Physiological Society (APS), a leading force behind DC Pact, a long-standing anti-Open Access worrior (also accused in breaking ethics in scholar publication), is introducing Open Access for one of its' flagship journal, Physiological Genomics (also available at HighWire site).

The APS advertisement displayed in the latest issue of The Scientist (see Vol.19, No. 5, 14 March 2005, p. 37 for full page ad entitled "Physiological Genomics, an Open Access Journal") says that Physiological Genomics "authors can choose to pay a $1500 fee to have their article published online with Open Access from the first date of publication or choose to pay no author fees and leave their article under Subscription Access." Further info is offered at this link .


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