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March 22, 2005

Major Open Access News Source noted Israel Scholar Communication Scrolls

"Alexei Koudinov and the non-profit organization, Israel Scholar, have launched Israel Scholar Communication Scrolls, a blog devoted to scholarly communication and open access in Israel. Quoting the blog on its mission: "Israel Scholar is a web based independent non-profit educational organization. Run by scholars, it aims to promote and unite global Israel Scholarship. Israel Scholar, its partners in Israel and across the global academic world are reshaping scholarly communication. Taking advantage of the modern Internet technology and its end-user availability, Israel Scholar is setting the Israel Scholar Archive, where every Israel and/or Jewish scholar could personally permanently archive his or her creative work, and make it freely available for peers and for the public. Such archive will thus provide a platform to have Israel scholars rights to regain control over their scholarship realised easily. More info on Israel Scholar Archive will be available shortly."

Source: Peter Suber. New blog on scholarship and OA in Israel. Open Access News Blog (18 March 2005) [FullText]


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