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March 21, 2005

An Insider Concerns on Standards in Hiring Professional Librarians in Israel

"If someone in the administration wishes to hire his/her own favored candidate and has the authority to override any other choices made by the heads of the library, is there any way to uphold professional selection of librarians and raise standards?

That is, if an educational institution advertises for competitive prospects, organizes a professional committee of peers, prepares a listof requirements and a job description, evaluates and recommends the best qualified candidate, wouldn't that be better than members of the administration placing librarians in positions without any consideration to the proper methods of hiring? Even though blatant, shameless and arrogant favoritism/protekzia is common in this beloved nation, ought not the process of professional selection be at least attempted? Only then should preferences and political strong-arming from the administration be allowed.

Has anyone had SUCCESSFUL experience in dealing with this issue? For example, how can the administration be held accountable to its own standards of academic professionalism? Are we simply helpless, dependent clerical workers without influence? Can we pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps? Can we say "no, here is a better way?"

I'd be grateful for your responses."

Source: Hananya Goodman. Standards in hiring professional librarians. Israeli Information Retrieval Specialists List (10 May 2004) [FullText]


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