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March 18, 2005

Increasing Journal Prices Poses Problem for Library

Excerpt: "Buying about 30,000 journals per year for Penn State students and faculty has become a problem for the Penn State libraries. The escalating prices of serial journals -- all publications that come out more than once a year -- was brought to the attention of the University Faculty Senate in an informational report at Tuesday's meeting. Bonnie MacEwan, assistant dean for collections and scholarly communication, said if the library continues purchasing serial journals, it would run out of money to buy any material at all by 2015. In the past 17 years, a 260 percent increase in serial journal costs has been recorded... In an effort to combat the high cost of the journals, the libraries have taken a series of steps to maintain lower spending. They have cut 6 percent of serial journals... The Penn State Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing was created in October for increased cost-efficient publishing and a greater focus on electronic publishing... The office wants to provide non-commercial publications and scholarly information that professors can use in their research..."

Source: Christiana Varda, Bethany Fehlinger. Increasing journal prices poses problem for library. The Digital Collegian (17 March 2005) [FullText] [OA News Record][Related Article].


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