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March 17, 2005

Australian Monash Univeristy Launched University ePress

"The pressure to publish, long a bugbear of academic life, has eased at Monash University after the introduction of technology that promises to disseminate work across the world.Enter the ePress, viewed by many as an online godsend. With a click of the mouse, it gives researchers, scholars or students anywhere in the world access to Australian research. "This is the brave new world," said Cathrine Harboe-Ree, chief librarian at Monash. Yesterday, after two years of work, the university launched its ePress, thereby gaining admission to what is still a fairly exclusive club in Australia.

"This is a time of great exploration in academic publishing," Ms Harboe-Ree said. "It is an exciting time where we can look at presenting Australian research to the wider community, and with the ePress we are now well positioned to do that. To be able to present Australian research like this to the world is just a brilliant thing."
RMIT University has the most highly developed university electronic publishing outfit in Australia. The Australian National University, the University of Sydney and the University of Technology, Sydney have smaller versions. Melbourne University Press has started to offer some of its material electronically, but the Monash University ePress differs from the others because - at least for the time being - it is focused on highlighting Monash academics and their research.

Academic publishing has long been an industry under pressure. Selling large print-runs of books written for niche markets on shoestring budgets has been part of the problem. Publishers hope electronic dissemination will help reduce the volume of production and improve reach..."

Source: Louise Perry. Publish and be scanned. The Australian (16 March 2005) [FullText] [OA News Record]


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